Introducing the Tick JEDI Coalition

Tick-borne diseases are on the rise, and tick populations are thriving and expanding. Nationwide, even in endemic areas, there is a disturbing lack of awareness surrounding ticks and the myriad of serious, potentially life-threatening diseases they can carry.

There are an estimated over two million people in the United States living with long-haul Lyme disease. Meaning, despite receiving treatment, people can have lingering symptoms that can impact their day-to-day lives to the point of disability. A lot of them never really stood a chance.

Prevention is key. 

And that starts with education.

Given their time spent outdoors, children ages 5-14 are the most at-risk demographic group for tick-borne diseases. They are even more susceptible to death or severe complications from certain tick-borne illnesses like Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and Ehrlichiosis.

In many tick-borne diseases, early diagnosis and treatment are critical to prevent chronic symptoms, severe complications, and even death. However, not all have reliable tests. Not every patient will develop the most well-known symptoms like “bullseye” rashes.

Just checking for ticks and removing one quickly and correctly can be the difference between a healthy life and a long-term illness or worse.

We have come together to form the Tick Juvenile Educational Defense Initiative (Tick JEDI) Coalition to champion tick safety and prevention education in the mainstream K-12 Health Science curriculum, helping children live safer and healthier lives.

Our coalition is an alliance of organizations, advocates, and patients. We share the belief that ticks are dangerous and tick education can save lives. United we stand, stronger together, in service of public health.

We envision a world in which tick safety education is taught as a fundamental life skill in schools across the country. No one has to suffer the way so many already have.

We invite you to join our coalition and protect kids from tick-borne illness.