Passed in Illinois!

We said that our force would awaken in January 2022, and it did.

Our Coalition partner, Illinois Lyme Association, began working on getting Tick JEDI passed as a resolution this year. This month, House Resolution 780 (HR780) passed unanimously in the IL House of Representatives, marking the first legislative win for the Tick JEDI Coalition!

The Illinois Lyme Association worked hard to get legislation passed in IL and was integral in helping us add the educational component to this Resolution. 

We are excited about this first step–this success–in our mission to get tick bite prevention education into the mainstream health sciences curriculum to keep kids healthy across the nation.

HR780 resolves that May 2022 is officially Lyme Disease Awareness Month in Illinois! The Resolution also encourages the IL Dept. of Education to begin health education for our most vulnerable population, our kids, on prevention and protection methods.

Thank you so much to the IL HB780 legislative sponsors: Champion Daniel Swanson, Chief Co-Sponsor Norine K. Hammond, Chief Co-Sponsor Anna Moeller, Michael Halpin, Avery Bourne, Steven Reick, Martin McLaughlin, Amy Elik, Dan Caulkins, Jonathan Carroll, Maurice A. West, II, Lance Yednock, Bob Morgan, Carol Ammons, Dan Ugaste and Mark Luft. We are so grateful for your continued support of Lyme and tick-borne disease awareness!

Let this be a sign to all that change is possible and on its way. Your state can be next–contact us to get involved. We are stronger together, and we are making the big changes we seek.