Watch Team Tick JEDI on Gen Lyme Day!

Our Coalition is out in Full Force! As part of the recent Gen Lyme Day celebration with Coalition Partner Generation Lyme, our Tick JEDI Coalition team got together to speak about the meaning and importance of Community Action. From community organizing to story sharing to connecting with just one person, there are many ways to take meaningful action.

From Generation Lyme: On Gen Lyme Day, we love to strengthen bonds in our community–between organizations and individuals–and hear what people across the country are doing so we can support and lift each other even more. In this video, Generation Lyme Board Member Jennifer Hoffmann chats with her Tick JEDI Coalition teammates Adina Bercowicz and Meghan C. Bradshaw (of LymeTV and the Tick JEDI Coalition) about their experiences with inspiring and participating in Community Action.

Generation Lyme exists to support people who may be suffering from tick-borne diseases. They host online Meet-Ups 5x per week for patients, parents, partners, and supporters. They also share patient stories to show what it’s like to live with Lyme. Gen Lyme Day is a holiday to celebrate the people of the tick-borne disease community. It’s a day to bring everyone together, have fun, offer hope, and keep the cause moving in a positive direction.

The Tick JEDI Coalition exists to prevent anyone from suffering from tick-borne diseases by ensuring early education. Both organizations support each other’s missions and share the hope that one day, neither group will be necessary because we’ll have achieved our long-term goals. Until then, our Coalition stands strong and is here to help.

If you’d like your organization to join the Tick JEDI Coalition, email us at [email protected].